Niagara River, Tonawanda

This post will hardly be ground breaking for anyone that lives in the Northtowns, but as someone who lived in the Southtowns all the way through high school, Tonawanda was largely a great unknown to me.  Back then, I knew the town (they really call it a city?) was somewhere up around Amherst, but not as far as Niagara Falls.  My first experience I remember was a trip to the infamous hot dog stand, Old Man River, with my dad when I was much younger.  I think at that time it was because there was a coupon in the Entertainment Book for buy one get one free hot dogs.  I don’t remember much about the area from back then – all that really stuck in my head was the big whale on the roof of the place, and the crazy décor inside.  Since living in Buffalo, and now Kenmore, I’ve been to the river in Tonawanda a handful of times, but never really stopped to take everything in.  So yesterday I took the short drive over there, picked a place to park, and began to explore.  Check it out after the jump:

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