Fall Colors: Griffis Sculpture Park

photo from NY Travel Guide

It’s been a little while since my last post.  I have a few things in the works, including a profile of the mysterious and often underappreciated Forest Lawn Cemetery.  In the meantime, I wanted to take some time to highlight some places that are fantastic to visit during the autumn months.  Yes, I know it’s depressing to hear that summer is coming to an end, but it’s time to accept it.  Disbursed between normal “exploration” posts will be posts about places I have been that are practically necessities to chalk up on your fall schedule.  Fall is hands down my favorite season, and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to last very long in Western New York.  By the time the leaves get a chance to turn full color, they’re already being covered by the first dustings of snow.  It’s also the last chance we have to comfortably do things outside before bundling up like Randy in “A Christmas Story”.

With this in mind, the first installment in this series will be one of my absolute favorite places in the entire region – Griffis Sculpture Park.  Located just south of Springville, Sculpture Park is perhaps the most underappreciated gem that our area has to offer.  I have been going there since my parents first discovered it when I was very young, but I am always shocked to speak to someone that has either never heard of it, or is aware of it but has no idea of the gigantic scope of it all.  Flip over to the other side to learn more:

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